Where Were You While We Were Getting High?

by One Hundred Year Ocean

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We're painting on a bruise and walking home all stupid shitty kids will die alone but I hope we don't forget to lose it all When drugs are all I need I'll give you a call and I hope there is a hell for you I hope there is a hell and I hope we don't forget to lose it all
Do you feel born again when you get fucked up? What do you breathe in? What gives you freedom? What do you do to yourself to feel forgiven? Do you live your life in competition? Or on the excess of your family tree. I cut off a branch and pulled off the leaves. It was beautiful bare, you rest in ecstasy but you will be aching when you wake up Your day will be wasted soon enough There are not enough stars to make you small enough. The things that you dream irritate me. The street lights hum a song that makes you anxious I am well but you can stop that Body heat, wind-breaker pockets
Apples 01:17
There were rivers inside of our shoes We were working on wasting time It was the worst 3 months of your life but the DXM was fine and I said "Don't worry about the rent, this month isn't over yet." Then we drank each other's piss out of white coffee cups When it hits your lips it tastes just like warm water. What kind of disappointment is this? We were electric like the summer And I said to my brother "Next Halloween let's be each other and stay that way forever"
I'm sorry that I'm not quite being myself I started off like me but ended up someone else I'm sorry that I never really work on myself It's not that I don't try it's just sometimes, well nothing helps And how much time do we really have, to count our steps before the motion sets itself And what do you forget when you go to bed? So few things make it worth the hell of being a person We are alone but time makes it okay We've stolen our homes, but would still like to be saved So where is our hope? Or when do we get paid? 'cause I've been so broke


released July 8, 2013

On this recording, One Hundred Year Ocean is:

Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak - Guitar, vocals
Joshua Cyr - Bass
Katie Shanholtzer-Dvorak - Synthesizer, back up vocals
Jordan Chmielowski - Guitar
Patrick Malone - Trumpet
Soraya Valentine - Drums
David Bello - back up vocals

Recorded by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT

Mastered by Jon Markson

Cover artwork by Marco Puccini


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One Hundred Year Ocean Connecticut

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