It's Not Punk, But We Are Getting Close

by One Hundred Year Ocean

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This is a collection of live recordings from a few shows at Willimantic Records in Willimantic, CT. These songs will be on a full length we've just about finished writing.


released June 6, 2013

Audio ripped from youtube videos and mastered by the wonderful John Markson.



all rights reserved


One Hundred Year Ocean Connecticut

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Track Name: You Were a Bonfire Pissed Out in Summer
I am an awful man, I was a shitty kid
So were you, but we worked on it
In the trailer park, on your cousin’s bed
Changed your mind, and we worked on it

And all the wrong that I did to you for a piece of your body
made me grow up to be so fucking useless
And all along the Ohio Valley, you can sense isolation
like a chemical plant, like a bonfire pissed out in summer

You were my electric summer, with our bodies stuck together
like the resin on your record covers.

You were a bonfire pissed out in summer.
Track Name: Gas Huffer
Opium and a bed of clover, let the chemicals wash you over
Where were you when Freddy drowned? I was getting high at Brian’s house.
Opium and a bed of clover, let the chemicals wash you over
Who would want to see this shitty world clearly anyway?

So I huffed gas in my garage because it put me somewhere else
We set off pipe bombs in your backyard, yeah we blew it all to hell
All you got was a wound, but I wasted 20 years
And after 3 days in corrections, I walked home and I drank a beer
It was the body and the blood of a christ I’d like to kill
I’d hang him out there even longer so he knows how I feel

Opium and a bed of clover, let the chemicals wash you over
Track Name: Cig Life
This planet's got a way of shaking my bones
healthy / unhealthy, undressed and unwealthy
I'm burning clothes and books and cigarettes

And I don't think I really care who I am
as long as I'm promised a death.
So what's your favorite band?
I hope they break up

What sounds scare you the most?
'cause I wanna make them

It's hard to be a better person
it's never cleary defined

What songs hurt you the most?
'cause I wanna make them.